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tuk tuk patrol

Model Tik poses naked before participating in hardcore video

Every visitor has experienced rides with a Tuk Tuk. In some red-light districts they are the only way for punters and bargirls to leave from a bar to a short time love motel. Ooooops, now you know where this girl comes from. A new website just emerged that picked up the idea of a punter using Tuk Tuk transport as a tricky pickup practice. He waits infront of bars when they are closing to offer tired bargirls a ride home. During an interview he suggests taking a detour to his hotel and filming porn movies for some serious cash. All girls interviewed agree. It must be some sort of a setup or the guy has a great eye for spotting the best performing bargirls ever. Unlike other Bangkok smut productions, girls don’t just spread their legs for a creampie, but they do perform passionate sex scenes.

coyotee dancer Pim

Pim is Tik's sister. They are both Coyotee dancers

Let’s see how this site keeps rolling. It combines fresh bargirl porn videos from Pattaya freelancers and Bangkok coyotee dancers with republished content from infamous super-nympho Lana Lee. I think they plan to publish all of Lana Lee’s nudes and clips again. That of course is great news as Lana Lee world was a very hot Thai pornstar and camgirl. Unlike other Thai XXX presentations it’s based on original stories and not just particular forms for intercourse. Threesomes and lesbian shoots are already online and more is to come on weekly delivery packages.

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