Soi 33 Art Bars

It’s not as wild here as on Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza, but many expats prefer going to Soi 33 bars because it is more sophisticated. Bars on this street are all within walking distance and many are named after famous painters like Degas, Manet or Monet. In between there are restaurants, watering holes and massage shops like Akane and Nirvana. Bangkok at night: Neon signs on Soi 33 (sorry for shaky image) A typical night on Bangkok’s Soi 33 starts around 6 pm with happy... Read More

Soi Cowboy Bars

Night shots of Soi Cowboy One night I took my DSLR camera along to shoot some images of whats jumping on Soi Cowboy. It was a quiet weekday night in March or April a couple of years ago. Nothing has really changed except names of a couple of bars. Check out my night photos of Soi Cowboy Many bars close to Asoke Road have been renovated. During 2011 Thailand Flood Soi Cowboy was never under water. However, some managers decided to place sandbags in front of their bars as a precaution.... Read More

Massage Girl gets Creampie

Thai porn actress discovery from Thai massage parlor Cute as they are fresh. Good as long as discovered early. Simple credo of a dedicated porn producer in Thailand who lives a mongering lifestyle to produce Creampie Thais with authentic bargirls and freelancers from Bangkok and Pattaya. This cute lady on the picture is called Yaya. I say ‘called’ because it’s not her real name. Massage ladies always use synonyms when they work in Bangkok massage parlors. Could... Read More

Sexdoll in Fishnets

Streethooker becomes sexdoll There are lots of fetishes and erotic dreams. Some are of romantic nature, other are vary raw and abusive – maybe even to be considered offensive and humiliating. Oh my perverts! Asian Apple Seed ix exactly the most perverted Asian porn site with Thai girls one can imagine. Read an Asian porn review about Asian Apple Seed here. The ladies of the night they use for Bnagkok porn shoots are street walkers aka as Asian Street Meat. Those girls walk... Read More

Nana Plaza at Night

Panorama photo of Nana Plaza in Bangkok with all it's bars like Hollywood and Pretty Lady It’s known as a compound full of agogo bars and first stop for every foreign tourist who wants to enjoy adult nightlife in Thailand’s capital Bangkok. Nana Entertainment Plaza NEP is the biggest redlight district in Bangkok Thailand. It is full of gogo bars with thousands of girls and ladyboys. Click above panorama photo to see more free photos from NEP and to get an appetite... Read More